Confused but hoping?

My ex and i were together for close to 6yrs till we broke up. My fault really. I didn't cheat or anything. Just seemed i never paid enough attention. Anyways she broke it off i guess mainly because of that.. we still hangout with the same circle of friends.. my friends mostly.. and we still talk. I've noticed though that she's changed abit and now openly flirts with other guys infront of me and talks about it with me. I've already asked her to get back together but she does not want to. can't really just walk away cause back when we were together we always talked about what would happen if we broke up. She made me promise to wait for her if we did. Ok.. just need some advise on what her actions mean, should i wait, should i try again.. has anyone been in a similar situation..


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  • Maybe she just wants your friendship for now. How were the 6 years y'all were together?

    • The 6 years was great. We had so much fun together. Had our fights like normal couples but always resolved and talked about things. I was usually the one that fixed things cause she's a lefty lol. But I guess I couldn't fix everything. And I didn't do enough to show her how much I appreciated her.

    • Always time to change the things we have the power to.

  • Let her alone for nkw. The more you Ask her, the further you will push her away

    • Yea probably true. I guess she needs her space. But she's already actively looking for someone else. Or she just tells me to try and get me to find someone too. As long as she's happy, I think I should just let her be?

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