Have you ever been dumped for being yourself (not as cool, reach, fashionable, eager to please as your partner wants you to be)?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No.
    I'm always myself.
    You should be too or you'll be dating the wrong woman.

    • Somehow even though I am always myself and am quite clear about my identity and goals I attract wrong men!!! I guess it them who try to be someone else then :)

    • well, that sucks.
      how do you meet these guys, did you know them before you dated or not?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes lol. I am sure my last ex dumped me cause I no longer fitted the college girl criteria. Ironically just went I started working I got dumped. He wants to party, drink, smoke etc while I was and am focused on my career, building wealth and getting my shit together. ironically he is older than me. I suppose I wasn't "cool" enough for him anymore

    • I got dumped few times by my ex who would always come back for the fact i had no money to buy a car and stuck to my bicycle while building my own consultancy business and sorting finances. Like you said ironically he had not much more that I did, although he did have a car, and tried to live at my expense!!! It was a good practice from the prospective of communicating my own needs and circumstances without being too embarrassed I suppose. He even accused me of not paying for his car insurance when I promised I would since we have used it a bit for our travel and trips, but then the things gotten so complicated and I told him "If you cannot afford a car with insurance - get a bicycle!

    • Shocking behavior. I cannot believe some people. My ex also leeched off me when I was also a student myself. I had to pay for everything unless I wanted to stay in all the time and just watch series. Which I obviously didn't want to do on every date. Be glad it didn't work out. You deserve and can do so much better!

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  • yup, yet I'm not going to change


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  • I have been dumped for not being outgoing enough and for not drinking alcohol.

    • I bet one of the reasons my ex dumped me in the past i wouldn't wear outfits that i considered age innapropriate. Im 37and he always would buy me things that i used to wear when i was 16 -25. Although i have great body i was over that stage when i felt great about showing my belly button and boobs

  • I was told I'm not popular enough and that he was getting hassled everyday for dating me.
    The next guy just wanted sex and at 15 I just wasn't ready.
    The last and latest one said I was too young, immature and said I was laughing and joking around too much.
    They may not have been good buy learnt something from each one.


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