My crush is feeling very upset crying n thinking about her ex who left her and can anyone here help me out what to say to her to make her feel better?

Everytime I do my best to make her calm down and feel comfortable she's really very sensitive so she gets upset sometimes a lot so tell me some nice words which should calm her down and motivate her without hurting her feelings. thank you friends in advance.


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  • Be careful here! This is how you get sucked into the friendzone! When you compliment her, or tell her she is beautiful and any guy will love to be with her, it does make her feel good, but it also starts her thinking of other guys and not really you! If you have a crush, this is your chance to get in there and tell her you have feelings for her and would love to worship the ground she walks on. Never bad mouth him, never even mention him! Never mention other guys! Only tell her how YOU feel because what you say gets imprinted in her head. So if you talk about how other guys would love to be with her, she thinks about other guys! If you bad mouth her ex, she thinks about him! Both of those are things you do not want her thinking about! But, you cannot pressure her. You need to tell her that you understand she has just gone through a break up and may need time to herself. But do let her know you would love to take her out sometime if she is interested and ready one day.

    • thank you so much first of all for your time to write it I appreciate. bro I told her before I love her after she felt I'm her bestie and then she too said she feel for me and said I love you back then after some time and then some misunderstandings came bro and I wanna share everything with you cuz I feel that ur a good advisor so if don't mind can we be friends bro so I may can get some advice from you. thanks bro

    • Sure, no problem.

    • bro I recently followed you inbox me bro cuz I can't able to inbox u cuz of being a new user

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  • u can try and be honest asking her if she wants to go on i this relationship or not tell her this :yesterday is history tomorow is a mistery today is a gift thats why we call it the present) anyhow i think that u are tryn really hard

    • yes bro trying my best with patience and thanks. it's really pity to see her getting upset over thinking about her past cuz her ex was living happily without caring but she's feeling very bad

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    • cause i can see this going manny ways
      1-you will open up to her too soon and she will reject u politly and instantly you go to the friend zone
      2-u stand in the way between her &her x
      and it doesn't turn well for u (all u have to do is advice her )
      3-u show her what u are and then she will eather like u for who u are or not if not u can always swim there are many other fish in the sea
      dont get so attached

    • yeah ur right bro and u know what my friends too say like you only about the 3 things u mentioned but let's see what surprise life has for me

  • she is not over that realtionship.

  • Just leave mate, she doesn't want you


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