Should I send my ex this text? Or is it better to ignore him?

He still messages me even though we broke up last spring. I saw him at the end of last year. He checks up on me or says I look nice in my picture but doesn't really talk. Lately he's been talkative, updating me on his life, saying that we can talk anytime. But why? I don't know what he wants, so should I go ahead & send him this? He doesn't want to be responsible for anyone & he likes his space, which is why we broke up.

I didn't answer you properly on Friday, but yeah I'm obviously a bit confused why you want to talk, because it's been so long. Nothing's changed the fact that we still want different things, but if it's just to catch up that's fine x


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  • I would go a step further and say no offense but I'm not into have exes as casual friends. You wanted your space you got it and I just want to be left alone to live my life.


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  • Mine does the exact same thing don't respond to anything just let him be


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