Should I ask him if we can talk in person again?

So I've been dating a guy from bumble for almost 2 months. He is a recovering drug and alcohol addict with PTSD from his service in Iraq in the army. The past two weeks he started to not act like himself and he stated his doctor gave him medicine that is making him feel like not himself. He then said he's going into therapy and started to get back to being himself. The last week I got upset and cried a lot because I felt like we were distant. He and I were texting like normal and we were still being intimate and he was super excited to go on a date. Then 2 days after our date he stated he needed a break to work on himself and get back to his old self. Also stated the therapy he was going to do was going to make him not himself for a bit of time. I didn't say anything because I was going to get upset. So he left without me saying anything. I texted him the next day apologizing for not saying anything and thanked him for doing it in person. But it's really bothering me that he went from I like you so much to I need a break. Should I ask him if we can talk about it again where I'm more stable?


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  • No. Give him some space to cool off. Don't cling even harder when he's trying to pull away


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