What does the phrase " I guess" mean in this situation?

Me and my ex are on good terms in a friendship but the other day I asked her if she was doing okay and she said " I guess". I'm not trying to dig into this but I thought I guess means you're not entirely confident on your answer? We talked for three more hours so I don't think she just didn't want to talk to me. I feel like she a not happy or something but I don't want to ask. An opinions? (She also has a boyfriend)


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  • Well it really depends on what you talked about for those 3 hours. I'm sure you were able to pick up on something. I guess here would mean she is not happy but doesn't want to talk about it.

    • Her sister had a baby. She was moving to the mountains. She work a at Starbucks now. Talked about her mainly. She seems like she was. interested in talking to me asking where I work now etc... I still care about her and I know her on a good level. But just when she told me I guess while having a boyfriend it makes me feel like she's not happy being with him for some reason. She's the type to stay with guy until she finds a guy that might be better. That's when she dumps them.

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    • Alright. I'll trust your wisdom.

  • She doesn't want to continue the conversation.

    • Are you certain? She pretty much let me back into her life. Telling me where she works saying she's moving to the mountains. Telling me her sister had a baby. Are you confident with your statement?

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