Why do I keep having dreams about my ex that keep coming true?

ok so this is kinda getting weird, freaky, and confusing for me but i keep having dreams about my ex that keep coming true... him and i have been on and off since last may and the first dream about him i had that came true was in January and in the dream he apologized and told me that he was going to be more serious about me from now on or something like that and we ended up getting back together and then a few says to a week later he decides to get back with me irl and he was definitely more serious about me this time. i had 3 more dreams about him recently after he broke up with me and started dating someone else... 2 came true already (both counted for 1 thing happening irl) one was where my ex let me read texts about his girlfriend breaking up with him or calling a break and the other was where i had to figure out why she broke up with me and now irl i found out she broke up with him a few days ago and the last dream i had about him hasn't come true yet but still could and in that dream after i hung out and shopped with some girls he begged to come see me and then he walked through the door into the room and sat next to me and put his arm around me and hold my hand and kissed me a few times and then since i bought him something i showed him and he liked it so i gave it to him and then he decided to go up front and i debated on going with him


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  • Okay, honey. If he keeps dumping you for other bitches , DONT GWT BACK WITH HIM. Maybe you're dreams are warning you who tf knows truly. But this boy is not worth your damn time.


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