My Fiancee just told me she thinks she is lesbian?

So long story short, I've been dating this woman for 5 years now. We've even started talking about marriage, which traditionally for us has been off the table. We had a night off together and decided to stay in and get super drunk (something we hadn't done in a long time) and during the night, she told me that she believes she might be a lesbian. However, she told me that she wasn't interested in breaking us off. She likes the life we've built together, and the comforts that affords her. She also loves me. of that I'm sure. But if she is a lesbian, that kind of explains our lack of success in the bedroom, so it makes sense. I don't know guys, thoughts? should I stay with and marry, a woman who might someday decide that she's sick of her life with me and leave in pursuit of her own life/sexuality? Do I even have a leg to stand on? I can't very well ditch on her, she's my best friend. but maybe my judgment is clouded.

Anyone ever been in this type of situation before? Thanks
My Fiancee just told me she thinks she is lesbian?
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