First he said he wants to fix things. Now he says not at the moment. Am I being lead on?

Boyfriend dumped me two and a half weeks ago. Five days later, texts me to say he still loves me, always will and hopes to be able to sort things out. I said I'm still hurting but appreciate the gesture.

Couple days ago after hearing no follow up, I texted him, asking if he wanted to talk at some point. He said "at the moment no, cannot compromise work stuff"
From what I gather, a senior position opened up at his work and it is apparently really hard to get into.
In response I said "Okay best of luck."

Is he giving me an excuse to not talk to me or could it be truth? Does "at the moment, no" really mean he doesn't want to talk at the moment but might want to at a later date or is he leading me on? Was my response okay? Opinions pls, and thank you.


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  • wait and see what he does next

    • How frustrating considering the radio silence up until I spoke up... ah well.

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  • If he's telling the truth, he really does mean "at the moment" and he''ll talk to you when he can. However, he could be lying about the work thing. Not knowing your boyfriend, I can't tell if he is or not.

    • He has a tendency to lie about dumb little things. At times he has said he will do something and conveniently forget to do it. I have never in the three years I had been with him seen him put work as such a high priority like this but in his defense it does sound like this will be one of the best roles he has ever worked if it is supposedly this hard to get into..

    • Just give him a little space, see what happens.

    • I feel that he might not get back to me either way, or maybe it is too soon. I dunno.

      Thank you for your opinions, it's very appreciated. xx

  • Ur response was absolutely ok. But U think he is kinda lonley. I don't mean it in a bad way, but I guess you're good for him, if He has time and if He needs u. How long u guys were in a couple?

    • Three years. I don't think he's lonely, he has friends he sees regularly.

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    • Okey, let me know if sth changes (: stay strong, u seem to be cool (:

    • Will do. Thank you so much for your help. :) xx

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