Isn't friendship a forever thing?

since my top guy best friend knew that m in a rs he changed somehow , he started blaming me for any single thing though I'm not wrong ( I'm smtg more than 100% sure that he doesn't love me) ... I treat him so good, at least when he was in a rs he used to forget about me and act like we're nothing... but from break up to break up he runs to me, I have never blamed him I always say what should matter is his happiness... yesterday we were out and had too much fun , then we video called each others when we got home, the Facebook discussion was so good.. unless when I woke up I found that he blocked me from everything and his last message was like we should stop.
he means lots for me so basically u can imagine in which situation I'm in... we have promised forever... and so are friends a forever thing. now I'm totally lost.
Isn't friendship a forever thing?
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