Has anyone else ever had a relationship end suddenly after you've said how you feel?

I told my now ex the other week how I feel about her. I love her. She said she wasn't sure if she felt the same and didn't want to say it back till she knew. Which was absolutely okay with me. But yesterday it just suddenly ended. She said she doesn't feel like we're compatible or right for each other. Which I think is just wrong. Her and I spent just about every day together this year. We always talked and talked and talked. We both knew what we had with each other was something neither of us have ever felt or had. But suddenly, this.
I don't understand. Is there anything I can do to bring this back?


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  • That's what I tell girls I have no intention on keeping. You can't make someone love you. Just move on.

    • She said the other week how she feels about me and how she sees a future with us. And has said that multiple times.

    • Say and do are two different things. She's just dragging you on bro.

  • this may happen if u say how u feel to soon

    • Is there any thing I can do to get her back?

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    • Yup, she broke it off Monday.

    • it might have not been that she felt weird that u said how u feel it might have been something else If I were u I would ask her why

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