Why Are His Actions This Way?

Guys! - How long does it take for a guy to unlove his ex? Both her and him said they still loved eachother when the breakup happened but circumstances and the season of life pulled them apart. She left him and didn't want to and he knew that. But as soon as she broke up with him verbally, he said he would never take her back ever. Were those just words of anger from him? He emotionally was withdrawing from the relationship because he couldn't handle some things so that's why she had to end it for now. But he swiped her off all social media, and asked for space and time to heal in a healthy way. If he loved her then why would he block her off everything and pretend she doesn't exist. If he sees her at the same get together or in the same rom, he immediately leaves and won't look at her. It was literally a day before the breakup he told her he loved her and now he is nowhere to be found and says he needs to heal. She sent him
one email though and he opened it within 4 seconds of it being sent and read it multiple times.. So guys... is he struggling with missing her as much as her or do girls struggle
more? Do guys miss the girl they love like she misses him or is he trying to unlove her.. and if so how long does it take to succeed at unloving someone you still see in person at group gatherings but are pretending don't exist..


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  • like yesterday 😂😂

    • I'm not understanding this response lol

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    • Love is just an love like heart is just an muscle. feelings on the other side is something we can have an argument about lol

    • Love is just an word*

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  • He is definitely not over her at all and probably still loves her. He might have said he would never take her back because he might be the type of person who thinks the past is the past. His actions though obviously show he's not over her at all, not even beginning to be over her. She still affects him a lot (not being able to be in the same room, the e-mail, etc.).

    How long does it take, it depends. How deeply did he love her, how long was the relationship, how emotionally invested was he? He probably does miss her and hurt as much as girls do after breakups, he may not show it as much and put up a stronger front than girls do though.

    If this is a guy you're interested, you should definitely back off and give him space, he'll likely need at least a few months before he makes significant progress in getting over his ex.


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