He said he wants a space/break but the way he went about it was so wrong, should I just end things for completely I really need closure?

I have been dating this guy for a little over 2 months and we had a long talk a out things 2 weeks ago since then he was all vague and distance, last Thursday we had a big fight and the way he went about telling me he wants a break/space was by not him telling me directly but me pretty much telling him was upsetting them he just lashed out and said it. he wrote a long message about it. long story short he has stated he doesn't want to leave me behind, he and both agreed to work on things then he also states he wants time ti regroup and see if he wants to jump back into this then he says if this break is too much for me I can break things off and end it.
In all honesty this is messing with my head, I would have had no issue if he would have simply just communicated after our talk on that Monday that he thought things threw and he wanted space I ask him several times he said I dont know. the statements he made on our Thursday argument made me feel so unwanted, unaccepted, and he does knowledge much of what I have said to him or acknowledge what he does wrong. I don't want to fall for the hope of things working out he left me with way to much uncertainty, and its just making my heart ache and my mind won't rest.
I wrote a message that I haven't sent yet pretty much telling him that I want him I want us but he is not ready for that he needs to go figure out what he wants, and when he is ready and he wants me and us, and if I am still single by then we can give things a shot, but right now I can't be with someone or wait on someone who is not 100% sure they want to be with me. he sucks at communication and the amount of times I asked him, stressed to him and talked about him telling me things instead of letting them bottle up.

I am I doing the right things, its been 2 and a half weeks since we last saw each other and 6 days since our argument.


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  • You are definitely doing the right thing. If he is not ready, then he is not ready, but it's unfair to keep you on a back burner. He does need time to figure out what he wants, and if later on he realizes he wants you and you happen to be single, then go for it, give it another go. But until then, a break is really a break-up and you should move on with your life instead of twiddling your thumbs, waiting for him to figure out his shit and hoping that he realizes he wants you.


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