What do you think of our short conversation via text?

We started off as friends with benefits then started a relationship and eventually broke up mainly because of his lies and cheating ways. Like most females we fall for aasholes and have a hard time moving on. So one day I randomly texted him because I missed him despite the shit he took me through. He didn't have my new number so I knew he'd reply. Maybe I dwell too much on our good memories but in reality he's an asshole.

Me: Hey

Him: Whose this

Me: Nicole

Him: Oh ok bye.
Him: I moved back to Baltimore with my girl you can lose my number.

Me: Whatever fine.

Him: bye


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  • He is not worth your time. He is a fuckin asshole and you deserve better.


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  • Boring conversation

  • there's nothing there. he just used you for sex. move along

  • Move on, he sounds like a dick. Try ans cope with it through other means


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