Guys, Is there hope?

My ex and I split up 3 weeks ago; he said he would like it if we stay friends, but I told him that I loved him deeply and that I couldn't be friends with him this second in life but later in life after I was over him we could. Now it's been a week since we've seen each other or talk, and I'm trying to do the whole no contact rule. He wanted to break up because he wasn't ready and that he needed to figure out his life, and I totally respect that. He also made it clear to me that he cared for me deeply as well, and that he didn't just want me to leave. I even told him in my last text I sent him before going on NC, that i'd be doing the something for myself and that I didn't want to say goodbye forever, I just also needed time. We shared a lot with each other and he was my first for a lot of things.
Last night I looked at my Instagram after I posted about some old art work that I found, later I saw that he posted something literally right after me. Know you might think its just timing but this is the 2nd time its happened, That he has posted something with in seconds of my posting (note he is never on Instagram!). So thin after I was done talking to a friend about it, I noticed that he unfallowed me on Instagram? So of course my world has been turned upside down (again). but the one weird thing is that he didn't block me, so if he wanted me out of his life for good wouldn't he just of gone and do so? I keep thinking maybe he's trying to see if ill get in contact with him? I don't now what I should do?
(side note)
My one fear is that the last 3 times I have gone back to try to smooth things over, we just end up acting like we used to when we began to date. It was really weird as well because the last time I was over there we were picking on each other and he throw me in his lap and i was laughing, but he was staring at me for like 7 seconds saying nothing. Once he came out of his daze he became kinda rude, like he turned off.


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  • guys do dumb shit to test woman sometimes. I've deleted girls i like just to make them ask me why so i knew they cared.

    • So do you think its OK if i message him? You don't think i would look bad breaking no contact?

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    • Very true, and thank you!

    • your welcome :)

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