WHY DO GUYS GHOST? It is the most heartbreaking/ painful thing that can be done :(?

What kind of guy ghost a girl after 8 months of dating?

Obviously he's saying its over (even though im hoping he still texts me sorry). but don't i deserve the respect to end it properly?

I am limbo and have no clue why?

Our last encounter was great!!! We hugged and laughed and watched film from the 1950s. This caught me so off guard... and crazy thing is that I miss and want him back

im praying and wishing for a text... for some type of acknowledgement! anything... and its horrible that he has that amount of control over me

I lost my backbone :/


Most Helpful Guy

  • just dissapeared? not even telling you its not working out? damn


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm confused... he told you it was over or he didn't tell you anything and stopped responding at all after your nice evening?

    And after 8 months you're only at the "hugging" phase?

    Either way, that amount of time invested warrants at least an explanation

    • just stop responding... and definitely passed hugging phase... it was a very stormy night

    • Ah, I see. Definitely weird behavior on his part. Maybe you can use this encounter to reclaim the backbone you said you lost

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What Guys Said 1

  • I'll be the guy here. I want just nudes and sex, if I'm not getting it then goodbye. if I get it, I get bored and move on to a new ass


What Girls Said 2

  • If the last moment you guys shared together was great.. instead of waiting on a text from him... why didn't you just text him?
    I agree that ghosting does hurt especially if you like the person and things seemed great before they went ghost. If u really, really want answers then text him. If he respond, you'll have your answer. If he doesn't respond, you'll STILL have your answer. If you have too much pride (like me sometimes lol) then just let him be and move on.

  • 8 months? What a fucking asshole.


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