Girls, Is it too hard for girls to say "I am sorry"?

I broke up with my girlfriend that i really love becouse she just keep on hurting me and never bothered herself to say "sorry".
i used to forgive her eventhough, but inside i dont feel she loves me like i do, the last time she said some pretty bad things and i told her i can't take this anymore it looks like you really dont care about me at all we have to breake up she replied "as if i care".
i was so hurt for a long time and she didn't try to say anything to make me feel better even after she cooled dowen.
I accepted that she is out of my life but still i can't stop thinking about the good times we had, after 3 months she started texting me as if nothing happened, then she told me "i want you back" without explaining what happened or try to apologize or even understand what I've been through because of her, and when i told her i am too angry because you left me hurting all that time she said " ok you want an apology? am sorry.. are you happy now?" i told her we are not coming back together, and deep inside i wanted her but she need to care about me and show me that she regret treating me like that but that did not happen and she would rather lose me than do such a thing.(i know for a fact she loves me so much, but she is so arrogant)

i want to know the girls point of view, is apologizing so hard to do?


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  • I think that she doesn't like saying sorry first... maybe it can be because of her past or she just grew up in a family who don't really feel like saying sorry is important or it's just in her character..

    • i dont want to hear the phrase i am sorry, i wanted to feel that she is sorry or have sympathy for what she did to me, am i wrong for wanting this?

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    • Your welcome Sir it was nice talking to you^^

    • Same here ,,

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  • Apologizing is hard for anyone to do. Because in order to apologize you need to admit that you were wrong in some way and nobody likes doing that.

    • she knows she is wrong but won't admit it, she even blames me for not wanting to get back to her. that is what she does, blame me for her mistakes so that she will not have to say sorry.
      saying sorry is difficult i know but it shows how much you care about another.

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