Breakup Advice?

Yesterday, my boyfriend of six months broke up with me.

More or less, it was because of school - as I'm a high school senior and he's going off to college this year. He told me that he felt it would be unfair to me, and our relationship in general, if he couldn't put in the effort he wanted to. I told him I understood, I didn't cry, or tried not to, nor try to see if we could make it work. In the end I told him that he'd meet a lot of people, have so many new experiences, and that he'd be fine as he was a smart, outgoing and handsome kid. In the end I told him that whoever came a long next in his life, she would be very lucky and he said the same to me. As I left, I said good luck and thank you - he said of course - and then we left. I felt he was being as sincere as he could be, and I'm happy that he made the decision that was the best for his circumstance.

I just... I'm really in a lot of pain.

It was my first serious relationship, and I feel like I left a lot of things unsaid - like I should've said more, could've done more than I did in our relationship - though he strongly emphasized that it wasn't anything I did wrong and that he didn't want me to blame myself - but I still am. I keep replaying all the good times I had with him in my mind, and all the little things. That we went from "I love you", him kissing my hand and everywhere, and spooning in his bed the day before, to strangers and nothing. It's hard not to think about texting him, and not sub-consciously check my phone in hopes that he'll text me one last sincerity - but in the end I know that won't happen. It's over, and there's nothing more I can say, we're done.

I know it wasn't for a girl, as it was for a completely valid reason, but I still can't not think about the next person he falls in love with - and that I'll no longer be the one to make him smile, or hold him close, and that soon enough he'll forget me.

Just somebody, just help me, please.
Breakup Advice?
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