Do I put myself through it again?

So, this guy and I were getting really close, and we both liked each other. But the problem was, whenever he would ask me out, or vise versa, something came up, and he wasn't able to make it. This happened three times. So I just kind of stopped talking to him. It's only been a week, but he just message me on facebook. He said, I miss you and I am so disappointed that I haven't talked to such an amazing girl in so long.

Do I message him back? Or would that just be trying the same thing over again and expecting a new result? Or maybe I've just been waiting to see that he really does like me, and this is exactly what I wanted? I'm really not sure. What do I do?


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  • So whenever he asked you out or you asked him out HE was the one that "couldn't make it"?

    • Yep. He asked me out first, and then fell asleep when we were supposed to go. Then He asked me to be his date to a pool party, but then he got sick. Then he went away for a week and now he's saying he misses me...

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