Why would my ex boyfriend unblock me on Facebook?

I met him when I was 20. Turned 21 midway through the relationship. I'm 23 now. Me and him were together for a year. From when I was 20 (around Sept) till I was 21 (around October, we broke up)

The break up was awful. like, don't ever talk to me again, we will never be friends AWFUL. He blocked me on social media and my phone number.
Me and him had a few mutual friends. One of them randomly asked me about two months ago if I called my ex. I said no. And he told me that someone called my ex private. I told this friend that I didn't even have my exs number. And it was odd that after over a year, my ex would really think that I'd be calling him?

I was on Facebook today, and got invited to an event. When I clicked on the page and saw the posts on it, I noticed he posted on it and that's how I realized he unblocked me. I don't know how long ago he unblocked me but why would he? Like what's the point? Was it just out of curiosity for him?


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  • He's probably just over the hate and doesn't want to have people blocked on his FB. Don't read onto it too much


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