If a husband feel insecure n inadequate after finding out dat his wife used to do things that she refuse to do with him and things he is not special?

Then how should the wife deal with it n how should she make him feel safe? Provided the husband is very honest, loving , cAring n supportive and does'nt mistreats her. But after finding it out from wife's past he keeps punishing himself by being sad n not having sex, etc.


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  • So he assumes that because she refuses to do something with him that she loves him less?

    What if she's not doing certain things because she doesn't like doing those things? What if she only did those things because at the time she didn't have the confidence to stand up to whoever she was with and say no?

    I tried anal with my ex, and I really disliked it, I wouldn't do anal with the new guy I'm seeing. It doesn't mean I don't like the new guy as much, actually I like him more, but I like myself the most, and I don't like anal.

    An analogy, let's say you tried tofu once because your SO at the time wanted you to try it and you HATED it, your new SO wants you to try tofu, you know you HATE it, so you refuse. It's not about the partner, it's just you not liking tofu.

    Does she care for you? Is she supportive? Is she loving? Does she treat you well? Then why do you doubt that she loves you? Why does one or two or three sexual acts define her love for you more than her actions in the rest of your day to day life.

    • Practically from womens point of view it seems ri8. Thanks for the clear answer. Bus as said in the post, she did it with all her exes, not one or two, so its hard to believe she dislikes it, so is"nt ot genuine for the husband to think it that way,? Its like giving less to the one u love more n giving everything to the one u love less. How the actions suggest that. So the question is how the wife can make him understand n by what explaination? He does'nt mistreat her n everything is going like b4, but only change is he remains sad n pusishes himself, so should she let him suffer as her life os not being effected by it coz he does'nt mistreat her, or should she help him coz its for her past n present actions that qre causing this?

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    • No body is forcing to becom a vegetarian, food has no significance on marraige, but sex n emotions have. So

    • N thanks for the patience n generous reply. I appreciate your cool n calmness

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  • the wife can't do anything. she respected other men more then her husband. the husband has to deal with the that fact.

  • 3 way


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