Why would he not wanna be involved with her anymore?

I need some help figuring out this situation. This guys wife filed for divorce because she caught him cheating on her. He is taken to family court by his wife to fight for custody of their kids. The father was also looking for an apartment for himself to live in but then he decided that it might look better to the judge if he lived at home. The dad told his mistress about the family court thing and that he was looking for an apartment which he asked for her help with and she helped him. He also told her his home life is crappy and that he really didn't wanna talk about it. A few days later he text his mistress and told her that they can't fuck anymore. He didn't contact her for almost 2 weeks after that. During that 2 weeks he still went on vacation with his family and his wife put family photos up on Facebook even of him. When he finally text her again she asked him why he said he didn't wanna fuck anymore and he refused to tell her. With all things considered in this situation what do you think is the reason why he said he doesn't wanna fuck anymore?


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  • Be probably wants to drive savings marriage


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  • because he feels guilty. he doesn't want to lie to mistress or wife anymore. he will lie through his teeth for a knew piece of ass. mistresses will always be just some booty for a little. wife remains. He was never leaving her and never will. Don't fall for it.

  • I guess the breakup was really shifty


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