Should I unfriend her? Because maybe I look pathetic?

Hi , So me and this girl studied in the university could'nt break the ice and know eachother we were both shy but she was more shy than me i did first move and told her i like her and want to know her but she was shy and didn't talk after we finished the university i found her Facebook profile and she look heart broken ( im sure she wasn't in relationship ) i sent her message that im sry for make her has hope in me and we start talking online for 1 year then we both share the feeling that we will never be together and she said she has split personality not sure she said that because she want to back off but she used to replay on fb sometimes not yes there is signs she has split personality but not 100% , we stopped talking now should i unfriend her i don't want to look needy and pethatic l


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  • No don't do that. Jsut block and leave it st that


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