Does my ex want me back?

Hi, so me and my ex split up about 2 months ago, (she split with me) so anyway for a couple days we barely spoke until I spoke to another girl about sport for no more than 20 seconds (and she got repiled annoyed) and we starting arguing a lot for the about the 3 weeks or so, than not too long after that we became friends again and about nearly a month ago we starting sending me XXX pics and saying she loves me and misses me and even since then we have been really good friends, she messages me a lot and for the last little while she has been sitting next to me at school (we go to school together) and we have been really friendly with each other and she been messaging or/and sitting next to me in class pretty much every day
Could she what me back?


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  • There is no such thing as a conversation of sports for 20 sec. If your not serious about her or don't love her why bother. It's a waste of both of your guys time


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