Why don't I deserve a second chance?

Well a year and a half ago I met this beautiful young lady, we became close that same year. When I finally asked her out she said "omg, of coarse". We thought we were together forever, but then I saw my ex. and I thought I still had feelings for her so I kind of made a mistake and made a pass at her at a party & we had sex (I was really drunk). Next thing I know, pictures of me & my ex. was everywhere online, and when my girlfriend found out she dumped me, for cheating & lying. Its been exactly 1 year 6 months and 7 days since then and I realized I made a mistake and I never should of cheated. She won't give me the time of day now because her new boyfriend, don't I deserve a 2nd chance. What should I do? I need her back.!.!


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  • she moved on and found a new guy...whitch most likelly means she lost her feelings to you long long ago.

    Shes happy with a new guy now... she's got really bad memories of you.

    its pretty inpossible to get her back and revive old emotions or make new.

    What your asking her to do atm is cheat on her new boyfriend, asking her to do the same you did to her? I mean she already felt the consecuinces of that herself... she has a new guy she loves... what on earth could you do to make her inflict sush pain to him, so she will come back to you?... yes... pretty inpossible.

    you act way too late... a second change

    • Well I intend on earning her back and I will

    • Well... girls like confidence

      smile,confidence,eyecontact are 3 things that turns girls on the most ^^

    • Im just got to get her to see me

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  • If you really need her back then do your best to regain her trust! And why in the world did you sleep with that ex ! I know you were drunk but still ^^! Anyway, that isn't the matter here, do not act like a jerk, and try to destroy the relation ship she gots right now, with that guy. He's may be loving here more than you did and more than you actually do. I'm not saying that you should give up, but you made a mistake and all you got to do is waiting for the right moment to fix what you broke!

  • Swift Shadow pretty much summed it up. You messed up and she moved on. If you do care about her let her go. Don't do anything to mess up her new relationship or she'll never get back with you.

  • I will NEVER go back with you so forget it, forget the relationship we had, you know what... FORGET I EVER EXISTED.


  • She will never forgive you because you made her look like a complete idiot. Its one thing to cheat and lie about it, but you have pictures! She might as well have been there watching.


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  • No. Sorry, but any guy who loses control of himself and hurts his woman is a scumbag.

  • No, you don't deserve a second chance. Stop kidding yourself.

    You showed up to the table, but hid your feelings towards another woman under the table.

    Then, you acted on what you knew would happen. Don't act like it was a drunken "accident"

    Seriously, If you were sober enough to get it up, you were sober enough to know you were cheating. Alcohol doesn't make decisions for you, just tempts you more.

    You weren't good enough for her. Hopefully you learned a lesson and the next girl won't have to deal with it.

    And you "need her back?" I'm sorry If I sound harsh but I see blue borders on this post - Be a Man. You don't "need" anyone's love but your own. That weakness right there is probably one of the reasons that led to you cheating.

    Stop counting the days looking back. Take the lesson you just learned and move forward. And if you haven't yet, Apologize like a real dude.

    • Trust he is goig to learn his lesson, you don't wanna how he talks about her. f***ing disrespectful

  • Well you're a d***. Good job she saw sense there.


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