When someone breaks up with you, is it okay to seek closure? If yes, how would/have you go/gone about it? Or if not, why not?

When a relationship comes to a rather mutual end, is it okay for one of you to seek some closure?

If you think it's okay to seek closure, please explain why and the way you would go about it.
If you don't think it's okay, why not?
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  • it can feel like you need closure but its really just a panic response, No explanation can eleviate the despair because it isn't an explination you want. your logical brain tells you it must be closure you need while the part that fell in love is going haywire and purging cortisol and melatonin in an attempt to fix the missing dependancy it got used to having around. Its ok to break down, its ok to be mad, but you have to do it on your own. you will be ok, you may even look back and laugh that it was upsetting at all some day soon.


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  • The problem with closure is, you will almost always still leave with questions if you love the other. Then there are questions that your ex will never really give a honest opinion to. I mean how likely will a ex be to tell you exactly why they dont want to be with you? It is human nature for a ex to sugar coat things. Often closure is something people think they will get but then they quickly realize it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. That is just my opinion 😆

    • I agree and disagree with this. I agree with the sugar coating. But I don't see the harm in asking anyways. Some people will gladly tell their ex, and some over time will tell you the truth if you stay friends. I'm all about self-improvement, and learning why the relationship did not work is very important to me. It took one of ex 8 months to tell me the complete reasons, and as hard as it was for her to tell me, it really opened my eyes and I was very thankful. Just as long as seeking closure doesn't prevent you from moving on, it might be for your own good to seek it.

    • You are right but there is no way of ever knowing if your ex is just telling you stories to make it easier on them or not. So yes you may feel better and self improved but a lot of people still struggle to move forward even after closure because ultimately healing is done when you realize YOU alone are enough and that you hold the power to move on, not a ex or anything they say or do. Plus people often use getting closure as a excuse to see their ex again and then they get their hopes up.

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