Any ideas for my shot at getting him back?

Hey guys,
I dated this guy earlier this year, we got into a fight and had a really messy breakup, told me to never talk to him again. However it seems this was just said in the heat of the moment as he messaged me on facebook a while later (after I unfriended him to make it easier for me). We didn't have a proper conversation but he complimented a photo my friend posted of us. I had a lot of issues back when we dated (had to move out of my parents house, had a carcrash and my best friend drifted into the drug world). I want to work on myself so I've blocked him on facebook for proper No Contact and to keep him from viewing my posts, because I know he does that. I just need to do what's best for me so I'd like to remain my distance until I'm completly healed and ready. I know if he popped up out of nowhere again it would set me back. I was very dependant and I know it was too much for him. We did have a few issues (he tends to push my buttons sometimes) but my feelings for him are genuine.
So my plans are to keep working on myself for two months, unblock him afterwards (if I feel ready for it) and get back in touch. I actively started working out am trying out new hobbies, talked things over with my family (we're back in touch now), moved out and got a new car. My friend who works as a professional photographer will take some new pretty pictures for my facebook.
I'm also planning on hanging/going out with a couple of guy friends during that time to figure out if it's what I really want. I'm not devastated about it anymore and I'm really fine if things don't work out. I just feel like it didn't go the way it should/could have had and would like to give it another shot as I still like him.


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  • No. Just no. Try someone new, unless you want to slide into a neverending cycle of arguments and depression.


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