Is it still possible to get him bak?

I really love my ex, but he broke up with me a month ago. After 2 weeks of no contact i had to stay at his place for 6 days. I know it is too early but it was because of my work. First 3 days he was so cute, he teased me and we had a lot of fun. Then next 3 days were awful, he was old and mad all the time. When he understood it does not bother me that he is mad at me, he calmed down and everything was ok. So now my 6 days are over and i do not know what to do. It looks like he still loves me but on the other hand he is fighting with himself, beause his heart says love this girl and his brain says you don´t want this dramaqueen to be with you. I have had time to think and i won´t never repat same mistakes, i have found my positivity. But for him it is hard to believe it, because it an not be shown through words. What would be effective? How can i change his mind and get one last chance to prove him that we are happy together? What works on guys..
by the way today is my last day there, so when somebody kind answers quikly maybe you can give me some tips for tonight :)


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  • Go have a serious talk with him. Seems like both of you are confused, and by talking it out, you both can come to a conclusion.

    • Should i do it today? Or maybe i should go home tomorrow after work and give him some space and after maybe few days have a serious conversation face to face?

    • I don't know, if he starts acting up again, it may be hard to talk to him

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  • The thing is, he needs to realize and acknowledge that part of his heart, and there isn't really anything you can do to make him realize that. If he's in denial, it's up to him to break himself out of that. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.


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