Boyfriend broke up with me and I need advice?

My boyfriend broke up with me and we got back together a day later. He's mad I don't talk with his friends enough. I am a pretty quiet person. He says he still loves me but he doesn't see a future anymore if things stay this way. We're giving it this last shot to see if I can give it my all. First I would like advice on what to do and how to show I really want to be friends with his friends? And second do you think everything will go back to normal if this is fixed now that he wanted to end it?
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Since then I've been out with his family and friends a few times. It went very well and I talked much more. It felt comfortable and wasn't as difficult as I thought. He's never asked me to change anything. This he didn't even ask me to change he just said he didn't want to be talking for his wife in the future. It has only been a week. Where should I go from here to maintain being equals in the relationship and making sure he has the right expectations and that this is healthy?
Boyfriend broke up with me and I need advice?
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