Do you think I have a chance of friendship with this girl?

So I got dumped three weeks ago. I'm 23 and I dated this college freshman, who was 19, for seven months. She has never been in a relationship before as she suffers from anxiety/paranoia and insecurity issues. I would say she's smart, funny, beautiful, and she was different. Well I have been in relationships before, I'm not a virgin, but she is. She's explained to me several times that she wanted to wait until marriage due to beliefs and fears of STDs. We saw each other about once a week due to her classes and family. I last saw her in June. She came to my place, and we were making out. She says I pressured to take off her underwear. She told me that she was scared, but I wanted her to be comfortable with me. The day before this happened, I asked if she wanted to try oral sex because she was worried that our fooling around would lead to sex. She said that she thought about it sometimes, so I don't know if I pressured her, because she agreed to me going down on her. So I haven't had sex since November (before I met her). While we were making out, I asked her twice if she wanted to try. She said no both times because of fear. She then asked me if I was still going to down, which I did. But this is where I think I messed up. After I gave her head, I asked her again if she was going to go down on me, but she said no because she was scared. I got mad (which I believe was due to sexual frustation) and I put my clothes on and left her in the bed, leaving the room for a while. When I came back, her demeanor changed. Anyways, it's been three weeks NC because she told me I hurt her by pressuring her, being dishonest, hanging up on her, and not caring about her feelings. So I told her I'll keep my distance from her so I won't hurt her anymore.


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  • You did pressure her, constantly asking her within a fairly short period of time if she wants to do something she knows you really want her to agree with. Kudos to her for still being able to say no in those circumstances.

    Honestly, you should just leave it be, it's likely this memory might also carry bad feelings with it. She'll probably move past the situation/memory faster if you are no longer in her life.

    That said, sex is clearly an important part of a relationship for you, you probably shouldn't date someone who's hoping to save herself for marriage in the future.

  • You were pressuring her but she sounds like a wet blanket anyway.

  • yeah, you pulled a real dick move.

    • What do you think I do? Cause now it's 3 weeks nc

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    • I think you should move on to a different girl. she's not gonna have sex with you and that is what you want. You guys dont you want the same things.

    • Yeah you're right..

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