My ex of almost 2 years wants to be just friends, but still does relationship things?

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago, out of nowhere, he had just poured his heart out to me, and also proposed to me, in which I said yes, he just walked away, no closure, and I let him, I didn't chase him, or blow his phone up, I guess neither one of us expressed our feelings, so a month after the break up he comes back around, but stated he just wants to be friends, and ask to see me, the day we saw each other I kept my distance and acting like the friend he wanted me to be, well 5mins in to our meet up he reach in to kiss me, I kissed back of course I was still in love, he also told me I still have him, skip forward to the end, as we were saying goodbye he pulled me in and we romantically kissed, and he said I love you as I walked away, well a few days later he ask to see me again, I asked him are we back together he said no, I told you I need a friend right now, so I declined to see him, and lied and told him I've been talking to someone else, his response was that he was gonna harm me for talking to someone else, but why? You don't want me, so I ended any communication, it's been 2 weeks he hasn't reached out neither have I, I feel like he never really loved me to let me go that easy, and to not contact me that really hurts, yes I'm still in love, and I know it's best to continue to move on. Also when we spoke on the phone he stated we've been through this before why would you talk to someone knowing we always get back together, stated he still wants to have kids with me, also he stated he's confident he has my heart and can't no man take me from him, and also I have his heart rather I know it or not, I just don't get him sad face. It's been 2 plus weeks no contact from either of us.


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  • I think he's confused to what he wants that's why he's doing all that to you. I say you just let him go, because it seems like he's playing with your feelings.

    • I agree, he's done this 2 other times in our relationship, this makes the third, we always seemed to get back together, and why would you want to hurt me and whoever I talk to or date? You don't want me, but it's been 2 plus weeks since he said that, he hasn't reached out neither have I, I don't know how he expects me to be friends with him after he shattered my heart, called of our engagement, I tried to be friends in hopes of us getting back together but I failed, we would always end up arguing, I told him I'm still in love, I still have feelings how can we be friends?

    • If you guys do plan on being friends, then your gonna have to keep it like that. You need to tell him no, when he tries to kiss you or does anything sexual. You have to make him know his place as a friend, and if he can't respect your decision to stay friends then he just doesn't care about your feelings at all and you guys shouldn't be friends.

  • He doesn't know what he wants. He says he wants one thing but his actions state another (kissing).

    If you were to spend time with him, you need to set your boundaries. If he ever crosses into relationship territory (like going in for a kiss), call him out on it and tell him that you thought he wanted to be friends.

    Although honestly, I do hope you keep no contact. You definitely need that in order to get over him. This also sounds like a relationship that will take you a while to get over, there's a lot of history and emotions there, it's going to take time.


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