Why do I always end up dating players?

I know kind of a typical topic.. But I guess I'm going through a break up with who I thought was a nice guy (I'm in my 20's, I can pretty much tell if someone's being real with me). He seemed sensitive to mental health problems (like he'd have a a simple respect for most people) and had been cheated on before so knew how hurtful it was.
I went on a trip for a month and I'm 90% sure he was on Tinder while I was gone. I have no idea if he actually cheated. But I did find a picture of him having just taken a body shot off of a girl at a bar.
And I recently saw on one of his ex's profiles that he cheated on her...
Now I can see he's moving on quickly.

I know this is how some people can be after a break up. They move right along which is pretty much what I'm doing.
I'm actually enjoying being single though :)
but I guess I've realized that most of the guys I've dated have been this way. I know that people can seem different at first (that whole saying: for the first 3 months, it's a representative. After that, they're real with you). But I read this guy completely wrong. If you had asked me if he was capable of this two months ago, I would've bet money he wouldn't be.
It's a little disorienting.

Are there any early signs of players? Are most people in their 20's like this? Do you just get lucky dating the right person?
And sorry but don't just tell me to date a nice guy. I thought I was.
Thank you!
Why do I always end up dating players?
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