Lets be friends?

what kind of person would initiate friendship, after a long standing marriage, by sleeping with mutual friends?


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  • a very bitter man that somewhere jumps between despair and opportunistic views. it isn't the smartest thing to do for him yet if you'd want to sleep with him is another question but that's yours to answer. if it feels good be his friends. just make it clear nothing will happen. it's common for just devorced men to sleep around after or before falling in a pit of despair.

    • yeah, no. I can't be friends with someone who has no regard for boundaries, no respect for themselves or the other person. it shows their real behaviors left unchecked that are clearly unhealthy. thanks for the insight.

    • don't forget he was someone's husband and everything for a long long time. everybody becomes broken of their control and mind after a life shattering thing like that.

    • with that logic I should sleep with all his friends and blame it on loss. unacceptable.

  • Wha?

    • did you need more info?

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    • Well, not nice but its awkward too.
      Maybe find other friends

    • indeed. 👍

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