Egoistic ex girlfriend?

She broke up with me nearly 2 months ago. Went straight into no contact. She's going friendly, cool, friendly, cold, friendly, and cold.

she is constantly trying to grab my attention. All the time and it's kind of getting annoying. Like I'm slowly but surely moving on. I think she is dating a friend of mine but I doubt it will last.

I've been quite good no longer looking at her as we do work together. She would always attempt to be in my line of sight but I simply ignore it.

last time I saw her was Wednesday, I pretended that I didn't see her. She was talking to her friend and seems as if she was ranting. And went far away from where I was which is a first.

I told my friends more details about her behaviour but she loves to be chased. Now that I look back, she is very egoistic

do you think she will crack? She is always up and down. I want her to come back so I can say no


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  • you wanting her to come back just so you could say no means you're egoistic as well?

    it doesn't matter what she does. she's an ex for a reason.


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