Do women lie just as much as men do? if so y do they go to extreme measures to deny and avoid speaking the truth?


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  • Can't do it, I know I'm a terrible liar. I'm like:
    "No I didn't eat your lunch."
    But my mom lies without a blink of an eye lol.
    So I'd say lying is an individual trait, not a gender trait. It depends on the person.

    • probably one of the best responses I've ever heard of and learned to correct my self i think ur right i agree...👍

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    • referring to my ex girlfriend. she lied a lot and geting her to speak the truth even when i had proof of her lying she still denied it? and i have plenty of questions about her lying and now she has filed a restraining order on me just to stay away from me confronting her with the questions to the truth?

    • Ok but what are the questions about her lying? You haven't asked anything, you're just making statements and adding a "?" after them.

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