GUYS: What is the main reason that you broke up with your ex, and why weren't you willing to help her fix it?

So your ex had a major flaw that was fatal to the relationship, and you would rather nip it in the bud than put fertilizer down to nurture the flower that was the relationship. How come?


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  • "Flaws" can be fixed for sure. It really depends on what she thinks those are. I try not to use "flaws" as reasons not to be with someone.

    If she has self esteem issues, then that's all on her. It's call self esteem, it's an esteem of yourself. If she goes through this and you try to make it better sometimes you make it worse. It gets really hard, the relationship turns into work and causes stress, rather then fun. I get the feeling that I can't really win either way. So you get to the point where you ask yourself, "why bother".


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  • It really depends. I learnt that compromise is easy to say, hard to do.

    I speak from experience. In fact, it just happened to me.

    Honestly, I feel like crap because we broke up over mis-communication and misunderstanding.

    Partly due to the lack of time well spent together and true heart-to-heart talks.

    We assume and assume and assume and argue and argue and argue.

    Each argument makes each experience a hard and unhappy one.

    But I restrained fighting physically because I promised to protect not to harm her.

    Sometimes it's not about fixing it. I feel empty somedays when I look at her.

    Guess it's a sign to tell you that it might not be the one. Fixing it in my case is as good as lying to her. I don't want to waste her life because she can get a better guy. Likewise for me, I might have a better girlfriend who is there for me.

    Hope you see what I'm going at

  • I'm about to end it because it's long distance and she's really bad with communication. Also it's hard because it's long distance and I keep thinking what if I meet someone here? That's really really hard to pass up.

    • Can I just ask quickly, If your girlfriend (at some point in the future) were to move nearer to you, would you be willing to give it another try? I'm just curious because my ex and I broke up because of long distance and I'm moving in a few months for university and will be much much closer to him. Do you think that if the situation changed, you'd be willing to try and work at the relationship? Sometimes, it's so hard to communicate in these kinds of relationships :(

    • I would yeah. But we're both going to be in school so it can't happen.

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  • I would like to know also, why guys break up with their girlfriend whom they dated and had sex with for 3 years... why not continue to make it work?

    my girlfriend tina said her ex boyfriend whom they dated when she was 16-21 broke up with her because he wanted to try other girls whom he didn't get to try because he was with her.

    my boyfriend says he broke up with his ex girlfriend of 3 years because she treated him bad, ignored him all the and as if he wasn't there... never wanted to do anything with him, and never listened to him, and used him for sex and to take her places... she always called him ugly and brought up arguments that he didn't feel like arguing about... so she cheated on him and he had to break up with her. I still think he isn't over her because he talks about her a lot but... whatever, she was his first, and he really liked how she and him had an eventful first time having sex... agh... what a LOSER... but yeah, should have stayed with his stupid ugly ass ex girlfriend, then I wouldn't have to tdeal with this crap of... my ex wore my clothes all the time, I gave my ex back massages all the time, I knew my exs family so well, My ex this my ex that... f*** you asshole... but yeah! =) much love peeps


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