Had a breakup with my girlfriend due to her family problems and pressure. And I know she loves me a lot. Will she return in future?

I had a relationship for two and a half years. Six months back her mother came to know about us and since then she was pressuring her to break from this relationship as his father won't allow to live together in future.
She is very scared of her father and thinks that it is better to separate our ways right now rather than in future as then the separation will become more hard. She wanted the breakup as she was not happy because of many problems due to this and she also told that won't go to other relationship.
After the breakup we decided to stay as friends but truly we both were not able to adjust into it and had a small fight after which we are not talking.
I know she loves me but is afraid because of her studies and her family. She is trying hard to supress those true feelings and because of that I can feel she is getting annoyed.
Right now I have decided not to disturb her by asking to return as it will put more pressure on her and she might take a wrong step in hurry.

Am I thinking right?
And what do you think is there a scope she will return in future?

Please tell me as I am not able to understand how I will live without her.. I truly love her a lot.


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  • If both her and her mother are quite certain her father will never approve, it's likely that even in the future her father will not approve of you. Considering her fear of her father and your culture, it seems unlikely that she will disobey her father's wishes, even in the future.

    There is a VERY small chance that she will be able to stand up to her father in the future. I wouldn't count on it though. You know your culture, you know she has been raised to be a good daughter and listen to her father's wishes, you know it is unlikely that she will disobey him such.

    Honestly, your best bet is to find out why he will oppose your relationship and see if you can do anything to change his mind. Perhaps he will be okay with it if you have a good job, in which case, do your best in your studies and try to get a good job. Etc. Try to find out why he opposes, what are his concerns, and see if you can ease his mind and let you date his daughter.

    • Thanks for those honest opinions. Somewhat I also felt same. :)
      But can you tell me right what should I do exactly as of now so that I should not hurt her and also remain in good contact with her.
      Right now we haven't talk for two weeks. So should I give her more time to let her calm down?

    • Be a supportive friend? I think honesty would be best here, just reach out to her, let her know that you want to be supportive and you want to be her friend, that you miss talking to her but if she needs more time she should let you know and you understand. Honestly, the only one who will be able to tell you if she needs more time is her.

    • Yup. You are very right. Thanks a lot for your opinions. :-) I hope it works.

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  • Well, until she can stop letting her family control her i don't
    see things getting any better. Maybe try talking with her
    parents all of you together. Maybe open up a more wider
    form of communication between you two and her parents.


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  • what if you both once talk with her mom dad n see what happens. n if after that she want break up then let her go

  • Don't ask her to come back until things change. It could make everything worse

    • 'Things change' as of her father thinking? Or anything else?
      And as this is a very sensitive issue how should I approach her to still be in good terms with me?

  • It's hard to say but don't count on it

    • So what do you think I should stop at her or move on hiding my feelings?

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