How can I get my ex-lover back?

he's my first love and I think I still love him but this guy change he's now a playboy I'm scared to be cheated and another thing was he involves in a gay relationships! eww. what a big turn off! but I want him back! am I insane? what will I do? how can I win him back?


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  • un-gay him, eventually put out more than you used to when you were've got your work cut out for you

  • if that how he changed then don't bother to go lurking with this boy that's his decision that's his life to made , most teens today are like that especially boys they realize to enjoy their teen life as possible cause as soon as you getting older you getting busy facing the real life for living you know , I were you just find a good and real Mature guy to take~a~good care of you I know its hard to find those kind a people right now but make LOTS friends get to know them better that way you might find a real guy for you..



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