Boyfriend dumped me but I can't stop messaging, calling him, please help me!

He doesn't want me and he's getting very mean to put his point across. He is ignoring my messages, cutting my calls. He is out enjoying with his friends, when I call and cry, he says he doesn't care and tells me not to disturb him again.

I can't meet family and friends till Jan next year. I am far away from home and living in a hostel. I have no support here except him.

How can he be so cold? He knows I am crying right now but is enjoying a movie. He wants me out of his life.

If you are reading this please give me some advice. I am feeling extremely depressed, I cry all day and I don't feel like living, its too painful.
He's breaking up with me because he doesn't see me as his wife. He wants his wife to be able to cook and clean, and he wants her to care more about her home than career.

I am the complete opposite, I like to work and am very ambitious.


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  • I know how you feel, miss.

    Hang in there, please don't give up because I totally understand how you feel.

    The guy who is not replying to you is either a heartless man, or he is putting the cool act.

    My friends do that when they break up, its a defense thing. But I always considered attempting to call back is some form of love that still lingers somewhere. For me, it still lingers a bit in my heart.

    For her, I think she's gone.

    For being lonely,

    I'm currently working in a place overseas for a while now. its not gonna end soon either.

    Which means I have totally nobody I can count as my friend or family.

    I broke up with my girlfriend. And she never responded back to ask about me anymore after the breakup.

    I feel dreadful going to work because for the first time, I'm alone in this city.

    It's like I can't help feeling sad because the closest people I truly loved is far from home and far from my heart as well.

    The internet is the only way for me to stay sane and happy.

    Even having a very short conversation via MSN makes it worth to live another day.

    dont give yourself up. because I'm sure you will find your man somewhere. everybody in the world does not deserve such cruelness.

    • Men actually do that? Acting cold to hurt you? Why, and how can you tell it's just an act? I'll admit I don't completely get men. I agree - yahoo, msn, aim are the best way to keep in touch when you're far from home. Get your family and friends to go online and chat with you or chat with the people on this site, they're super helpful!

    • I would say most men. It's the image thing. We don't want to be seen 'weak' cos it does suck in the world of men. We protect our loved ones, support, and love. it sounds sexist, but its a typical guys thing I reckon.

      anyway I saw your update..sorry.

      what I want to say is don't let love screw your work.

      being heartbroken isn't gonna help I guess.

      you have ambitions - mark that as your next big commitment because you are gonna make it.

      love can drop by some other day.

      dont give up, never back down.

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  • Oh dear. Um I think you should try to stop calling him I know its so fricken hard to do. Maybe meet some new friends. Try doing an activity you normally wouldn't do like learning a new language or learning how to play an instrument because going through your normal daily routine might make you feel bad because the routine is the same its just that he is not in it. and its important as it was for me when I was feeling exactly the same as you a few weeks ago to realize you are not the bad guy. You will have good days and bad days but generaly things will get better for you. But please don't feel like your life is not worth living because he is making you feel like this. You can do much better than a guy who makes you feel like this. He is very cruel. I asked a similar question on this site a few weeks ago and got similar advice to what I am giving you and I feel like it is working for me. Maybe in the future his sorry arse might come crawling back and you let him do some begging. You'll be OK! x.


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  • Do yopu want him back? If so, you are making major mistakes! The calling, the crying, its all pushing him away! I've made these same mistakes this past month! There are a lot of good websites out there that give you tips to get an ex back and I encourage you to read them! Here are the basics: most important, you MUST cut alllllll communication with him! He knows you're there, you are his safety net! You come across as desperate and if he knows you're there he can't miss you! So you must disappear from his radar! Second, you must go out and have fun! Take lots of pics so he can see this! He needs to know you CAN live wirhout him if you want him back. Men want what they can't have and he won't value something he doesn't have to work for. Give it a try!

  • Did he give you a reason for breaking up with you?

    I'm really sorry girlfriend. Some boys can be complete douchebags. If he's not even giving you the time of day, then forget about it.

    Keep yourself busy, keep your mind going. You have to do things to distract you away from him.

    Maybe if he even sees that you can get over him and do you without him he might even come back. I wouldn't suggest going back to him because it'll only make you stronger to stay away. Unless he apologizes really well and admits he made a huge mistake then you can consider it.

    But if he's being that rude and not even trying to talk it out with you then I'd suggest you move on girly =/. I bet there's a bunch of guys you can meet that are so much better than him!

    Go put on your cutest outfit and have fun

    Cheer up too!


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