Guys, He broke up with me, why would he need time to think before seeing me?

He broke up with me a few weeks back. However, I think it is because I was pushing a relationship on him and he got scared (I do have a child). We have had very minimal contact since that night. I asked him if he wanted to meet for lunch. His response, two days later was "Hi, I need more time to think about it, I am sorry for the late response." I texted back, "Sure and that I understand" and he replied with "thanks."
He dumped me, so why does he need time and to think about what? Lunch?


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  • dont intertain him did you smash yet?

    • plus guys honestly think faster then girls they normaly want answers now and normaly give answers the same

    • if he has to think then he's not interested unless its for the next fuck js

  • I am ready. U r agree, repley


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