Ex girlfriend texted me?

Long story short i was dumped 3 months ago. I was in a realtionship with this girl for 2 years. I did not beg or plead after the realtionship, i went no contact right away. About a month and a half in, she texted me. We talked for a bit. A week went by and we talked again but she went cold so i gave her space and went no contact again. So about a month later, which is now 3 months. She texts me out of the blue just saying "hello" I responded about an hour later saying "hey, what's up?" and i got no response. A day has gone by since she texted me. I'm very confused and i need some advice. I would like to get back with her which is why i've gone no contact and using this breakup as an oppurtunity to become the best version of myself possible. I just don't get why she is texting me, she dumped me and wanted nothing to do with me and now she is initiating contact. I'm just very confused as to why she is acting this way and i need answers.


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  • Seems that obviously your tactics are having an effect and she's craving that attention from you again.
    I think right now she is testing the water so stay strong, don't break down and get needy now, you're at the vital point that will make or break these months of work so ride it out, strong, confident and not acting needy towards her. If you do, she gets back all the power which is what she's looking for right now. Don't give it to her. If she's interested, you'll definitely hear from her again. Maybe not today, maybe not for a few weeks but you WILL hear from her.


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  • Block her. She's just testing whether you are miserable without her or not. Stiffen your self respect and ignore this crap.


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