Why did she kill me?

i met a girl 2 years ago she had depression and wanted to suicide i stayed with her and loved her and i took all thr suicidal thoughts away from her mind , we were perfect couple untill one day she met a guy and she broke up with me for no reason but to date this guy who wantd nothing from her but nudes and sex , she broke me but i miss her every time i try to talk to her she cuts me off and today she insulted me, iam dying and iam so alone i really wanna die.


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  • I have always said to myself, "Life is like a game of Duck Hunter. Sometimes, you think you have the perfect shot, but miss entirely. Other times, you may think you have absolutely no chance killing this duck, but you manage to get a perfect shot." Look, life is unpredictable. If she wants a guy only for sexual pleasure, you are better without her in your life. You want more than to be used for such pleasure. I know how you feel, but she isn't a person to "die" for. There are many people out there waiting for your heart to connect to them someday. Trust me, again, she is not worth making a change for, not even in the slightest.

  • She isn't interested in you anymore, move on


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