Why does a man come forward give signs he's interested but pulls back as soon as you come forward?

Known a man for nearly a year, met through a male friend, The feeling was there that we were both interested soon as we met & had this good strong connection. We've talked & got to know each other since. There's been nothing else. Sometimes he can come to me if I pull back as I don't wanna push things then if I come forward & show my feelings he pulls back & goes cold sometimes. it gets frustrating. why do you think this maybe, be also good to hear from a mans point of view a well as a woman's about why men do this?


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  • What were his previous relationships like?

    It almost sounds like he went through a bad one last go...but there isn't really enough here to go on.

    Instead of pulling back, find a mid point to settle into. If you fluctuate between foward and pulling back, it could be seen by him as mixed signals.

    As I said before, there isn't really enough info to give better advice.


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  • i don't think he si gonna commit to you . He is a hesitant person and seems to seek self validation, so be careful bieng attached to him.

  • He wants what he cannot have - not what he can have


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