How do you get over the heartbreak?

My boyfriend left me about three months ago after being together a year and a half. The breakup came out of no where and he didn't talk to be for a month. We started talking again and even hung out. We hooked up. Which I see now was a bad idea. I am really starting to feel like I don't need him or want him anymore. A good sign of healing. I just have moments where I really miss him. I almost feel like I'm gonna breakdown... Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my mind to a better place? A place where I have hope to find another and get over him?


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  • Are you working? Sometimes working does take your mind off. It does help. The stress of a job and the achievement of any goals set by the company is quite something.

    I like coffee breaks. Because you get to go out and mingle with life. take a break, drink some coffee and head back in the workplace to work. I got over mine by working my brains out. Completed my work as fast as I can and as good as I can. Done.


    If you're not working: Hang out with your friends.

    Just chill, hang out at malls with friends. day by day, you will gradually forget about him.

    i'd breakdown too if I still have feelings for my ex. because I failed in moving on.

    Sometimes moving on means you are making them happy and yourself happier because another guy is out there for you. a better man.

    I don't recommend long distance relationships or online. I have my friends getting scammed and having pervs and idiots messing with them. be careful alright? take care.


    If you don't wanna hang out: Listen to music.

    Rock it out, pump it out. Music is an awesome drug. don't do the real ones though.

    Just listen and listen.

    Hey, maybe you can find things to do in the house! Clear things up. Nice and tidy.


    • I have been working, and actually taking on more at work. It has been a pretty nice distraction. I usually have problems when I'm alone in the car or when I'm trying to fall asleep. That's when my mind wanders and I start to think about calling him.

    • It's a normal reaction. It's just feeling lonely, like how most folks do.

      For a person who has moved on, he/she probably has nobody to remind him of love, hence he/she just bums around feeling lonely and depressed.

      For people like us who have broken up and not completely over with it, we would still remember bits and pieces of what happened, and feel lonely because suddenly, we can't talk to them like how we used to anymore.

      someimtes I guess we have to move on. for both to be happy. I'm sorry

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  • You're healing normally. This is good.

    Here's an off-the-wall suggestion for finding someone: get (borrow) a dog and walk this dog in the park. You'll meet people who care about their animals, and probably people, too.


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  • The best way to get over a guy is get under another one... LOL just kidding

    Seriously though, Heartbreak takes time to get over, especially if its your first love. Those are the worst. Hang out with your girlfriends, hang out with your family, try not to talk or see him, especially don't hook up with him. That just makes it harder for you.


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