Why does my ex girlfriend want my attention?

She broke up with me over 2 months ago. It's been a repetitive cycle of friendly, cold, friendly, cold, friendly, cold, friendly cold. When she's friendly, she would play fight me, tease me, and all that kind of stuff. I would act indifferent and keep my distance. It seems to bother her, then she would try to be cold again. Immediately after the break up I did NC and she said, guess you were in it for the sex. On top of that, she seems to be going out with an acquaintance of mine at the gym. All my friends say it seems obvious she wants my attention.

Saw her was on Tuesday, as we do the same classes at the gym together. I know exactly where she would be at the gym. Pretty much out of my sight. I acted as if I didn't notice. Then at one point, she stands pretty much right in front of me at the very back of the class as I was in the center. Again, I never looked and just focused on my work out. After the class, I was talking to one of her friends. My ex simply came over and stood ther babying her wrist not looking at me. I simply walked away.

Last time I saw her was Wednesday and I pretended not to even notice. I did a good job of not looking. At one point, she seemed to be talking to her friend as if she was ranting.

Honestly, logically speaking I don't want her back. My heart is hurt. I still do have feelings for her but I know it will wash off.

Why does she want my attention?


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  • she is playing games


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  • cuz apparently the sex was that good... no not really it's more of a game with her at this point let me guess she wasn't ever really told no? she'll keep pestering you until you make it a point to basically make it public on the spot out loud for all to hear I'm not saying humiliate her but be civil and say out you no longer wish to correspond with her and that it's over either that or just skip town in the dead of night change your name to Walter Smith and hide in a shed in the woods for the rest of your life


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