I want to get back with my ex what can I do or should do?

So here a quick run down. I'm 21 senor in college and so is she. So we met in October and we were just friends but we would constantly hang out. We grew closer and closer until we caught feelings. During mid November I asked to be exclusive and both of us over time started falling in love even though we agreed not to say it unless we meant it but we both knew we loved eachother. During winter break she cheated with her ex the next day she drove an hour to my house and told me. I ended things but a week later I called her wanting to talk it over and work things out. So we did when we got back to college we got back together but we broke up 5 times the 5th being the real deal right before spring break. We weren't together for almost a month and we crossed paths again we thought we could be friends but became more and once again we were in a relationship.

We worked hard at things but I just couldn't trust her and I didn't feel safe so I was unhappy in the relationship and also the guilt made her upset. So we just fought. But here's the thing she has changed dramatically from the way she used to be before (in a good way.) So here I am we broke up today we truly do love eachother she was devasted to lose me because she never felt the way she feels about me with anyone. And I am devastated as well. She was the person who I chose to be my first girlfriend (I am extremely picky and hard to open up). I spent the night over her house and we slept next to eachother. We both agreed that I need time to heal from what happened in January because it changed the way I view her and the world. I became a bitter person who got annoyed quick.

We agreed that I need to find myself again and to trust and be happy. And we split in her eyes she thinks I will get over her and move on quick. But I don't think that's the case. I want to be with her but I know we need this space. We are going back to college in September what should I do?
I want to get back with my ex what can I do or should do?
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