Angry and manipulative?

My boyfriend of 7 years who live with me is always angry and negative. He drinks a lot here lately and is becoming very mean to me. I have talked to him about his behavior and it ends up being turned around on me. its ether he was joking ( even thow he was angry and yelling) and I'm to sensitive or I always want him to change himself. I work full time clean the house and take care of my grandmother and I have to harass my boyfriend to do anything other than take out the trash or the dishes. then have to here him complain about how much he already has to do wen he works part time. Plus wen I slip up and hurt his feeling after hours or auguring he throws it back in my face constantly. I'm at the point ware being around him at all annoys me. But we have been together so long that I just don't know what to do. I need advice.
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  • It's not going to change so you have a decision


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