Would you break up with someone if... They messaged you at 4am to show you something funny they did in a video game, and ask you to play with them?

Someone broke up with me for that reason, so I'm curious as to how many people would do the same, and why.
  • Yes - I'd find it too annoying.
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  • Yes - I'm not a gamer, and would feel like they care about the games too much ~ maybe even more than they care about me.
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  • Yes - I'm a gamer, but that's too much, even for me.
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  • No - I'm not much of a gamer, but I'd understand that it's something they enjoy, and would maybe even find it sweet that they were still thinking of me. I'd just say no and go back to sleep.
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  • No - I'm a gamer too, and would maybe accept the request. If not, I'd tell them I don't want to and probably go back to sleep.
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  • Yes - [Other reason]
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  • No - [Other reason]
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm a night owl as it is. But if i'm tired, you won't get me up, at least that way. But if I'm just chillin in bed, I'd probably join. Especially if we're dating. Like you're the girl I'm with, why would I go into dating you not knowing that you do this at times?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe you did it consistently? Or maybe they were waiting for an excuse to break up with you?

    It seems like a really trivial thing to dump someone over, though.

    • I did it once. He knew I'd stay up late gaming, but I also wake up really early, which he also knew. He probably was trying to find an excuse. 😂

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What Guys Said 5

  • No never i will be more than happy if my girlfriend calls me at 4:00 am to play a game and to talk about some stuff, it means that she is comfertable to call me at this time

  • this is just stupid, I would definitely play with my girlfriend when she calls me this early as long as i don't have to work or am really tired. he was obviously looking for a reason to break up, when it happened once, because no boyfriend who really cares for his girl would reject her just because she wanted to have some fun with him

  • It seems childish based on what you said. My take is "no"

  • No, but i probably would be awake sorry. But if i was i might game with them.

  • No lol id be standing at their door at 4 am with my game console and some games.


What Girls Said 1

  • Lol wtf... no background? There must be something more lol that's ridiculous

    • It was pretty much like this:
      I was on Battlefield at 4am, and I was trying to get a quad up some stairs because it'd be funny. I reversed and managed to get the quad on its front against a wall, so I took a photo of my TV (I'm a console peasant and have no screenshot software or anything) and sent it, showing my gamer boyfriend because I found it amusing, and also because I wanted to ask him to play it with me.

      He saw it and got mad at me, saying things like "You love the games more than you love me!", "You're addicted", and "This is just too much", and proceeded to break up with me. xD

    • Yea, he's definitely got some issues.

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