I feel like I'm being pathetic over my ex and I'm not sure what to do?

I feel like it's tragic I'm even doing this. But I feel pathetic over my ex because I still miss him, I don't want us to just be friends and I don't want him to move on but I know that's sooo selfish of me to think and I'm not usually like that. I guess I know I should move on but I don't know if I can... yet anyways. And I want us to be able to try again but I doubt it'll happen
I'm just being silly aren't I?


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  • justpart of the process the absolute best thing to do is just move on with ur life. sounds way harder than it is. just go do stuff, hang out with friends, talk to people on gag, talk to family. do stuff to take ur mind off it.

  • You are. You've survived before without him, you can survive without him again.


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