Does my ex really want to be friends?

So long story short we brokeup over a year ago and at first she wouldn't respond to my texts or anything. Maybe a week ago I texted her to check up on her to see if she was doing okay. To my surprise she responded saying I'm doing okay I guess. When she said I guess it made me feel like she wasn't doing okay. But anyways we preceded to have a 3 hour conversation through text about how her life is going etc... a few days later I asked if we could talk on the phone but she denied saying that we would probably end up arguing like we use to. I tried to say I'm not like that anymore etc... but she didn't believe me of course. So I said why would you even want to be my friend if you think we are going to argue? She then bypassed that question with no response and said I want us to be friends but nothing more. That kinda boggled my mind a bit. She is also in a relationship. Actually the second relationship after she brokeup with another guy after our relationship. Anyways opinions are appreciated.


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  • Probably not. She's just being nice. She may have thought after a year you'd be over it and when you reached out she realized maybe you weren't. If you talked to her for 3 hours after not talking for a year that's a lot all at once. She was being nice and probably wanted to know how you were. Talking on the phone wouldn't be someothing a girl with a boyfriend would do unless she wanted something more. She's avoiding re kindling anything and probably doesn't want to right now. There's no hard feelings and she may care about you still to a point but she didn't want to cross the line and start something. I'd leave her alone and really work on moving on.

    • So are you saying I should completely stop talking to her and not make any contact whatsoever? Or do I still check up on her every once in awhile?

    • I mean cause like i said she was honest with me saying she didn't want anything more then a friendship and she really did seem like she was opening up to me in that conversation. Like if we were still a couple. I asked and said don't try to spare my feelings if that's what you're trying to do i understand if you don't want to be friends and that's when she said we can be friends but nothing more. a lot of people say things. She also has a boyfriend and during those 3 hours i was like where is your boyfriend in my head.

    • I wouldn't ever check up on an ex. Just no point and they probably don't care either. If you guys are broken up and you keep popping in out of the blue she probably thinks you're still not over her. Which you seem like you are honestly. Exs can't be friends and there's no point in a friendship. Her boyfriend wouldn't like it. Would you like your girlfriend being friends with an ex. It's just not healthy for either ex. Absolutely no contact ever again. It's over.

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  • I find it pretty weird that she would want to be friends with you (an ex) when she currently has a boyfriend, I feel like her boyfriend wouldn't like that very much. Whenever someone wants to be friends with their ex, I tend to believe that they allow the friendship in hopes that you would be able to get back together. I could always be wrong though

    • Well. This is the second guy she's been with in a little over a year after our breakup. She opened up a lot to me in those 3 hours which made me feel like she still trusted me.

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    • Probably try contacting ever like once every 2 weeks. If you do this twice and you get the feeling that she is trying to push you away then you have your answer

    • Okay. Thanks

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